A small prairie town in Minnesota was not necessarily the obvious place to grow up for a young bluegrass fiddle player. But a few years of Suzuki violin training, a good ear, and perseverance helped Brian Wicklund to parse out those tricky licks on fiddle records and led him on a path to contest winnings and internationally touring bands. With a degree in education and a knack for making difficult concepts simple, it was natural that he should become a master fiddle teacher. The waiting list for people wanting to learn from Brian grew to years.

In 1998, he turned his successful curriculum into the best-selling, American Fiddle Method which has sold over 100,000 copies. With a membership to AFM, you can learn from his Video Lessons anytime and anywhere. You can also learn from him in person with his online Live Courses or along side his hand-picked staff at a Fiddle Pal Camp!