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Bluegrass 2

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LEVEL: intermediate – advanced

INSTUCTOR: Brian Wicklund

Try out free SAMPLE LESSONS! If you have either completed AFM Bluegrass 1 course, have a solid classical training but are new to bluegrass, or play bluegrass but feel stuck in a rut using the most basic melody or the same old licks, this course is for you. Using a curriculum that he developed over decades of teaching fiddle classes at bluegrass music camps, Brian Wicklund teaches you the essential skills to make your own killer solos and tasteful backup. You will learn to improvise using scales, modes and chord tones, create double and triple fiddle harmony parts, transpose a song to any key, and much more. You’ll apply your new skills to 22 bluegrass songs and instrumental jam favorites.

BLUEGRASS 2 course includes:

  • More than 80 lessons and 120 instructional videos
  • 22 classic bluegrass songs and instrumentals
  • Step-by-step guide to intermediate/advanced bluegrass improvisation
  • Concise lessons with play-along and tutorial videos, sheet music and audio tracks
  • Multiple speeds of backing tracks for practice
  • Essential music theory and harmony simply explained




  • Learning Tips
  • Practice Tips
  • Using a Metronome
  • Using the Backing Tracks


  • Lonesome Road Blues
  • Creating Your Own Killer Solo
  • Classic Kickoffs
  • Fourth Line Ending Riffs
  • Improvising Around the Melody
  • Turns
  • Double Stop Patterns
  • Backup Line Tags
  • Backup Funky Chops
  • Controlled Improvisation
  • Creating Rhythms with Slur Combinations
  • Twin and Triple Fiddle Harmonies


  • Improvising Over Chord Changes
  • Arpeggiation
  • Mixolydian Mode
  • Pentatonics
  • Blues
  • Advanced Backup


  • Octave Blocks
  • Advanced Double Stops
  • Transposition
  • Playing Thematically

CORE 10 BLUEGRASS SONGS with intermediate/advanced skills

  • Lonesome Road Blues
  • Bury Me Beneath the Willow
  • New River Train
  • Nine Pound Hammer
  • Salty Dog
  • Sitting on Top of the World
  • Cora is Gone
  • I’ve Been All Around this World
  • John Hardy
  • Take this Hammer
  • Little Maggie

CORE 10 BLUEGRASS INSTRUMENTALS with intermediate/advanced skills

  • Cripple Creek
  • Blackberry Blossom
  • Paddy on the Turnpike
  • Billy in the Lowground
  • Salt Creek
  • East Tennessee Blues
  • Cherokee Shuffle
  • Katy Hill
  • Dusty Miller
  • Sally Goodin
  • Backup and Push