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With over a decade of experience teaching and performing, Katie McNally is one of the leading voices in Scottish music in North America. A favorite at fiddle camps across the country, Katie brings her fun­-loving teaching and expertise straight to your home through the American Fiddle Method Online School!

Each lesson has been thoughtfully created to feature a specific aspect or technique of Scotland’s rich fiddle tradition. Katie will bring you on a musical journey across the landscape of Scotland to sample the Gaelic­-inflected tunes of the west coast, the shuffle­ bowing of Shetland and fiery reels of Cape Breton. You’ll learn a variety of tunes such as strathspeys, jigs, reels and bagpipe tunes and how to play them authentically. By the end of the course, you’ll be arranging your own sets of tunes to be ready to join a local session, compete at a fiddle contest at a highland games festival, or play for a dance!

Ability Level: Intermediate to Advanced (It is recommended that you have gone through at least American Fiddle Method School: Level III or equivalent)

Minimum Technique Requirements:

Ease with playing in first position, consistent intonation and tone Outcomes:

Scottish Course Info

By the end of the program, you will be able to…

  • play dozens of common Scottish session tunes
  • incorporate stylistically appropriate ornamentation
  • incorporate stylistically appropriate bowings
  • construct sets of tunes
  • distinguish regional variations and styles—Northeast, Cape Breton, Shetland, etc.
  • identify and play different types of dance tunes

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